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the nightman cometh: again.

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the lovely amanda reyes and I went to see ‘it’s always sunny in philadelphia: the nightman cometh’ – the musical type spectacle once again last night at the hollywood palladium. but first, we dominated some huge sushi. literally, it was enormous. then we drove down to la, in record time, of course. as for the show, it was quite a different experience than last time…this time it was a huge event, soooo many people…it was so hot inside, and plenty of mean security guards, blah blah. but we stood on the stairs and had a sweet view. we got to see a special clip from “it’s a sunny christmas” or something like that. it was completely outrageous. AND, to top it off, the whole crowd got to see a full new episode of sunny that hasn’t aired yet. it was pretty awesome. the show itself, was very similar to before, but they added a few things. it was great. the crowd was rowty and way into it. so overall it was another fantastic night. I took some shots with the canon g10, so here goes. and yes, that’s right – the mcpoyle’s were there. go ahead and weep.















champion of the sun.

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ohh wow. where to begin. basically, I had the best birthday, EVER. I want to try and be as brief as possible, but here’s the lowdown.  jeff, amanda, adam, alana, jesse, alex and I ventured from all directions to the troubador in hollywood last night, to celebrate my 22nd birthday. we didn’t really know what to expect, except that the coolest people on earth from the tv show, “it’s always sunny in philadelphia” would be doing something amazing on stage. turns out, they performed THE NIGHTMAN COMETH, live, in front of my very eyes. it was incredible, and I am sincerely apologetic to those who weren’t able to witness it. I am forever greatful. post-show, we waited around for a bit. it’s such a tiny venue, we knew the cast would be around. so out they came, to sign autographs, for literally every single person who wanted one. extremely nice. I told them all it was my birthday, and charlie day sang to me. and I talked to danny devito. true story. and oh. did I mention fred savage was there? yeah. he was, because he’s actually very involved with the show.

anyway, after a while, adam, jeff and I headed upstairs to the VIP bar, where the cast and lots of random people were hanging out, having a drink. there, I ran into danny devito again, who remembered my name. “of course, it’s samantha, it’s your birthday!” we hugged. then I grabbed fred savage’s autograph, and that’s pretty much end of story. here’s some photos of my merchandise, and some photos of the cast (taken by adam).




_dsc1098if you don’t understand the meaning of this photo, I truly feel sorry for you. just try google-ing “greenman.”

and now onto adam’s iphone pics…

picture-11charlie day, danny devito, glenn howerton

so obviously, it was the most amazing night, ever.

in other news, my photo of meryl streep from a few days ago has really made its rounds on the internet! I found it being linked all over the place, including one of my favorite websites, imdb. neato! people really love celebrities, I guess.

picture-8so that’s pretty neat.

anyway, very busy couple days ahead of me. florida on friday! can’t effing wait. stay tuned.

thanks again everyone for an incredible birthday!


christmas come early?

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this is a pretty random (and unecessary post) but nevertheless here I am posting it. hmph. so today I was hanging around downtown with jackie and maddy, shooting really lame assignments for class. pretty boring stuff. jackie then tells me how alec baldwin is filming a movie in town, which I later found out is currently an untitled nancy meyers project. apparently alec went into the at&t store that her boyfriend nick works at, to get his phone fixed, and he was talking about the movie. so, I decided that instead of focusing on shooting for school, we should take an endless mission around downtown to find alec baldwin, and make him my friend. turns out, that maybe didn’t come true. but here’s what really happened.

scm_filmset_0001tons of cords, ran all over town through alleyways and courtyards. on the right track…

scm_filmset_0002gross panoramic of the film set we stumbled across. lots of people, snacks, and tea. interesting.
wait, what do I see over on the right??

scm_filmset_0003CHRISTMAS TREES?! hmm. it’s not like 70 degrees or anything. so yes, it’s a christmas movie.
and check out the huge diffusion flats!! yum.

scm_filmset_0004what?! hey steve martin. what a sweet old thang. lookin good!
he waved at us while on set. then we saw his co-star…

scm_filmset_0005MERYL STREEP! dang girl. I hope I look that awesome when I’m older.
there were so many fans for her there, like 40+ in age. cute.

scm_filmset_0006merry christmas, everyone. wait……what? so strange.

have a great weekend! because I know I will.


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April 17, 2009 at 12:32 am