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the nightman cometh: again.

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the lovely amanda reyes and I went to see ‘it’s always sunny in philadelphia: the nightman cometh’ – the musical type spectacle once again last night at the hollywood palladium. but first, we dominated some huge sushi. literally, it was enormous. then we drove down to la, in record time, of course. as for the show, it was quite a different experience than last time…this time it was a huge event, soooo many people…it was so hot inside, and plenty of mean security guards, blah blah. but we stood on the stairs and had a sweet view. we got to see a special clip from “it’s a sunny christmas” or something like that. it was completely outrageous. AND, to top it off, the whole crowd got to see a full new episode of sunny that hasn’t aired yet. it was pretty awesome. the show itself, was very similar to before, but they added a few things. it was great. the crowd was rowty and way into it. so overall it was another fantastic night. I took some shots with the canon g10, so here goes. and yes, that’s right – the mcpoyle’s were there. go ahead and weep.
















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well, it’s been dry here in the shooting department. I’ve been swamped with layout stuff, and stupid humanties bs. I have shot two stories for my photo class, but haven’t posted anything yet…I will eventually. yesterday, there was an open house at the ventura campus for perspective VJ kids. mis amigos amanda, jeff, marina, andrea, caleb, and I showed up to help out. too bad the rest of the chile kids didn’t show! but it was fun. anyway, reytard and I hung out with a new student named courtney, who starts at brooks this upcoming session. congrats to her! so we chatted with her for a while, did a little interview, and took some photos. here goes.






I think she’ll do just fine : )

stay tuned for more updates!


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August 23, 2009 at 11:19 am


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sometimes I like this sort of thing. I’ve been shooting lots, so more updates will follow. enjoy your weekend.




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August 7, 2009 at 12:17 pm

what happens in long beach, stays in long beach.

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or maybe not. but before I get to that, here’s what has been happening. obviously, school. just been busy taking humanities tests every class period, doing more and more research for chile, rocking the business law class with witty posts, and hanging out with awesome people. I can’t complain. so far this session has been really busy but great at the same time. and today was one of those days where everything goes extremely right. very lucky, I am.

anyway, let’s move on. saturday, was a productive and fun day. I did a shoot with an old friend, went thrifting with christine, fell in love with a cute boy at goodwill, and also experienced one of the most bizarre nights of my life. my super adorable friend marina invited us to an art exhibit called kinetics, in which she was showing a few of her rad music photos. so why not? I was already in the area, never been to long beach, and marina is just too cool to say no to. it all seemed fairly normal, until I heard some of the following words to describe potential activities for the evening: burlesque, fashion, art, nudity, dirt, eggs, paint, firedancing. intruiged? well, here’s a somewhat lengthy rundown of the weirdest night I’ve ever had. PLEASE NOTE: some of the images posted below are NSFW and contain nudity. I warned you, so now you may continue. enjoy!

















…and then it happened.











and of course, after a night like this, I didn’t get home until after sunrise.


other fun facts to note: the main doorman went by the name “T7” …which is super badass. he let me take pictures wherever I wanted. that snake? at one point during the right it somehow crawled across my back. pretty strange to suddenly find a snake wrapped around you. I also almost got set on fire by the firedancers, because one of them dropped their flaming stick right in front of me. ohhh, the things I do for photography. also to note…those two painted girls? yeah. they’re sisters.

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July 28, 2009 at 1:03 am