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well, it’s been dry here in the shooting department. I’ve been swamped with layout stuff, and stupid humanties bs. I have shot two stories for my photo class, but haven’t posted anything yet…I will eventually. yesterday, there was an open house at the ventura campus for perspective VJ kids. mis amigos amanda, jeff, marina, andrea, caleb, and I showed up to help out. too bad the rest of the chile kids didn’t show! but it was fun. anyway, reytard and I hung out with a new student named courtney, who starts at brooks this upcoming session. congrats to her! so we chatted with her for a while, did a little interview, and took some photos. here goes.






I think she’ll do just fine : )

stay tuned for more updates!



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August 23, 2009 at 11:19 am

welcome to my life.

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I haven’t had a chance to shoot much lately. we’re only two weeks into the session and I’m already swamped with work. so to put myself at ease, I took photos documenting my entire day on monday, in timelapse style. to warn you, it might be the most boring 3 minutes of your life. however, people keep watching it. so, here’s how my monday went down.

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July 22, 2009 at 6:02 pm


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well well well. I feel like its been forever. I’ve been pretty occupied recently, and haven’t had much time to shoot. it’s pretty depressing. also, the weather has been completely awful. misty and foggy every single day. and I had big plans to go away somewhere for memorial day weekend, since we have monday off, but we have a meeting thing on sunday morning. so…it’s a no go. typical. anyway, I’m in the html class right now and it’s kind of silly. dreamweaver sucks. I like the idea of html, but the way its being explained to us isn’t helping a whole lot. oh well…hopefully it will all be crystal clear soon enough. in other news, I’ve been house-sitting for the past week, and I finish up tonight. I love being there, but I am excited to be back in my own little place once again. I love my bed. plus, I don’t have class tomorrow, so I can sleep in for a change. getting up at 7am every day isn’t so easy for me! however, I will certainly miss having tv…I’ve watched unhealthy amounts of a handful of shows recently. kind of funny. it’s okay though, it will probably be better for my eyes if I’m not sitting in front of the tv. a computer screen is enough…

anyway. I am going to post a few photos that I’ve taken recently for whatever reason. the first two are hilarious, because they are bad. we had an assignment in html to take photos of popular/touristy places where we live. so I did a drive by and snapped these shots. so funny. he said that he didn’t expect good quality at all, because not all the kids in our class are photo students. well, he certainly got what he asked for.



hahahaha! anyway. the rest of the photos are from our first saturday chile meeting with paul. just a random bunch of photos from the day, during meetings, around campus, and downtown ventura.






hah. yeah, I DID just post those. oh well. my eyes are tired and I’ve still got another class left. it’s going to be a long one. but tonight I will sleep my heart out, and wake up whenever I want tomorrow. it’s going to be awesome. no matter what happens this weekend, I’m going to shoot some awesome pictures…so stay tuned. ciao!

ps-star trek was AWESOME. kthanks.

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May 19, 2009 at 4:04 pm