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obviously pt. 2

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It has obviously been a long time since I have updated this blog. that is because I don’t use it anymore!
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May 20, 2010 at 10:14 pm

Update from the future.

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ciao!! greetings from italy. unfortunately I cant update my blog with photos while Im here because I forgot a zip drive, and Im not on my own computer. that is also why I cant use the apostrophe, because the keyboard is italian and I dont know where it is. neato!! so Im basically here to just give a quick lowdown on my life so far.

the day I left the US, I had a layover in chicago, which I was lucky enough to spend with my beautiful bestie boo courtney beckett. yay! it was too short, but sweet for certain. I miss you already my dear!! but we went to lunch at this creepy mafia style european restaurant. so funny. and then starbucks, of course. but it was a great quick catch up. cant wait to see you in october!!

then I had a seven hour flight to brussels. this was great. nobody spoke english at all, and I managed to take the train into the city for 3£, wander around aimlessly for hours, eat lots of waffles, and didnt get lost. without a map. I clearly am a world traveler from birth. but anyway, it was a really cool place that Id like to visit again with more time on my hands. so then I went back to the airport, drank a big stella, and got on my slightly delayed flight to palermo.

ahh, palermo. the flight was gorgeous, and I arrive with nice light, and a pleasant 30°c. chiara and her friend picked me up at the airport, no problem. they didnt even loose my bag…amazing.
since then, weve been swimming in the gorgeous mediterranean, eating tons of gelati and pasta, crusing ancient cities from the b.c. era, and seeing incredible vistas. the traditional home cooked meals have been amazing, and I feel so great. the saltwater has been amazing to my skin too, its silky smooth. oh, and tan. booyah!

anyway, thats pretty much all for now. Im living life and loving it, and basically never want to return. cant wait to share my photos when I get back! ahh!!

hope all is well back in the states. to you sb and ventura kids, please please be on the lookout for my lacie hard drive. it says I heart india on it and it is practically my life. if you find it on campus, holler at me. I will reward you, I promise.

I love you all! ciao!

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August 31, 2009 at 10:15 am

what happens in long beach, stays in long beach.

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or maybe not. but before I get to that, here’s what has been happening. obviously, school. just been busy taking humanities tests every class period, doing more and more research for chile, rocking the business law class with witty posts, and hanging out with awesome people. I can’t complain. so far this session has been really busy but great at the same time. and today was one of those days where everything goes extremely right. very lucky, I am.

anyway, let’s move on. saturday, was a productive and fun day. I did a shoot with an old friend, went thrifting with christine, fell in love with a cute boy at goodwill, and also experienced one of the most bizarre nights of my life. my super adorable friend marina invited us to an art exhibit called kinetics, in which she was showing a few of her rad music photos. so why not? I was already in the area, never been to long beach, and marina is just too cool to say no to. it all seemed fairly normal, until I heard some of the following words to describe potential activities for the evening: burlesque, fashion, art, nudity, dirt, eggs, paint, firedancing. intruiged? well, here’s a somewhat lengthy rundown of the weirdest night I’ve ever had. PLEASE NOTE: some of the images posted below are NSFW and contain nudity. I warned you, so now you may continue. enjoy!

















…and then it happened.











and of course, after a night like this, I didn’t get home until after sunrise.


other fun facts to note: the main doorman went by the name “T7” …which is super badass. he let me take pictures wherever I wanted. that snake? at one point during the right it somehow crawled across my back. pretty strange to suddenly find a snake wrapped around you. I also almost got set on fire by the firedancers, because one of them dropped their flaming stick right in front of me. ohhh, the things I do for photography. also to note…those two painted girls? yeah. they’re sisters.

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July 28, 2009 at 1:03 am


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people always ask me where I’m from, or where my hometown is. I always struggle to answer. I tend to say chicago, because for the last 12 (approx.) years of my life, I have lived in the suburbs or in the actual city. however, the other chunk of those years (starting at age 2), I lived in western wisconsin. yes. my life has been divided almost exactly between two states. so where am I from? sometimes I just like to say “the midwest”…especially since I was born in minnesota. might as well throw that into the mix. anyway, I’m usually only up in this part of wisconsin about 2 times a year…4th of july and christmas. so here I am, right now, nestled into the countryside of hudson. my dad has been living in the same house practically my whole life, and while everything else in my life has  drastically changed, this house hasn’t (with the exception of the shag carpeting…it had to go). with that said, it really makes me feel like I’m back home. so I took the camera out today while my dad and I roamed around running crucial errands and such (aka fireworks, coffee, lunch, etc) …nothing too special, but it makes me happy. more to come.





_DSC3085for all you confused, misinformed californians…hardee’s is the TRUE carl’s jr.


_DSC3107my grandmothers collection of spoons from different states. classic.

_DSC3120true wisconsin. fireworks, gasoline, and a john deere lawnmower. my dad told me that 20 years ago, he bought it brand new for $10,000. can you freaking believe that? I guess a price can certainly depict quality.







_DSC3156cloud stalker, no matter where I am.

until next time…take care!

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July 2, 2009 at 5:17 pm

down to the wire.

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please excuse my absence. here’s what has been going on: well, classes are busy. finals are this week. on top of that, I’m moving. since I am going home to the beautiful chicago, one week from today (YESS!!) I have exactly one week to move out of my little abode. thing is though, tuesday and thursday are pretty much non-existant days: classes, finals, insane driving favors, and taking care of my soon-to-be-roommate sierra after she gets drugged up at the dentist. so, I really don’t have much time to get stuff done. on top of that, courtney graduates this weekend. it sucks a lot. I think the general mood around here lately has been a bit drab because of this fact. boo. and her whole family comes in this week, so things are just going to be unbelievably busy, and emotional as well. hmph. so the only pictures I have today are photobooth/camera pictures that are attempting to document my moving process…aka a HUGE mess. but I’ll be back soon…I promise. cheers.

12504437packing up all my different cameras (not nearly all of them pictured)

Photo 491yeah, I kid you not. found these in here. I think I somehow brought these home from wyoming?
why? I have NO IDEA. and no – no animals were harmed in the making of this photo.

Photo 492there’s a TV in my bed!!!

Photo 493basically, a giant mess. wish me luck!

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June 15, 2009 at 12:35 pm

the roof is on fire.

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today, I awoke to the sound of rain. it made me smile. here, rain brings clouds. I was feeling really sluggish this morning though (slept terribly last night), so I didn’t notice the spectacular nature of the sky until much later. but eventually I was out and about, roaming all over the area. seriously, I must have driven 100+ miles today without even leaving santa barbara county. weird. anyway…besides cloud chasing, I finally got a chance to check out some of the burn areas and general wreckage from the jesusita fire. pretty insane stuff – really devastating. so today, I will leave you with that. more to come.

Untitled_Panorama1headed up the beginning of HWY154, and its already scorched.

_DSC2693caution tape = approach immediately

_DSC2691full set of stairs, perfectly in tact. don’t know how they survived. they lead to total destruction.

_DSC2678I’m thinking this must have been the garage.

_DSC2692crazy how some things can stay standing.

Untitled_Panorama4complete destruction. devastation.



this last photo isn’t a part of the previous ones, it is a different destroyed house. I like it better in color.


to those who lost their homes – karma will be back to help you. don’t loose hope.
long story short, live your life. don’t take anything for granted. we are all here for a reason.
stay safe, stay smart, stay healthy.

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June 6, 2009 at 1:46 am

washington state? check.

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okay, I’ll try and keep this as brief as possible. let’s flash back to memorial day weekend. sunday, to be exact. adam and I are in sort of blasé moods. we’re driving on MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND down to santa monica (suicide mission), for a 2 hour chile group shoot. yeah, I know, right? couldn’t have picked a worse place to go. but that’s besides the point. anyway, some stuff had been going down in our lives, so long story short, we did the meeting, left early, drove to the airport, bought plane tickets and left. yeah, I’m serious. there weren’t a lot of flights out, and a lot of them were a looooot of money. so, within an hour of arriving to LAX, we were boarding a plane to seattle, washington. all we had with us were our small camera bags, phones and wallets. this is something that I have ALWAYS wanted to do…fly away; 100% spontaneous, without really telling anyone, to somewhere I’ve never been before. no notice. no plans. I just love that rush. I’m entirely too blessed. anyway, here is part 1 of my less-than-48-hour journey (which we dedicated to our dearest amy covey – RIP).









fun facts: our stay in seattle was INCREDIBLE – it didn’t rain. in fact, it was 70 degrees and sunny. even in the gloriously snowy mountains…just incredible. and let it also be known that I didn’t tell my wonderful mother about this expedition until I was already IN it…I called her while buying deodorant at rite-aid near buckley, wa. she is literally the most amazing woman on the planet. she wasn’t even mad – more excited than anything. so be jealous! boom. anyway, that’s all for right meow. stayed tuned for part 2! ciao.

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May 31, 2009 at 2:00 am